Through this, I highly recommend MeGoBS because it has a high level of competence, professionalism, and responsibility. They demonstrated capacity in the formation and development of our labor competencies.

Salvador Vargas
Plant Director, COPAMEX CHH

We give our testimony of professionalism, quality in the work and orientation to the results, where we are fully satisfied with the applied methodology, the involvement with the staff and the results generated. In short, they helped to meet our business objectives.

Rolando Vazquez
Chairman, Promovago

During their participation, they demonstrated their capacity and orientation to the results, so I do not hesitate to recommend them to improve the performance of the processes and capitalize on the opportunities, as we have done.

Gerardo Cortes
CEO, Polimeros Opticos de Mexico

The involvement of Juan Carlos MENDEZ in the standardization work of ISO work on Enterprise Modeling and Architecture, his own experience in enterprise modeling, and his excellent knowledge of enterprise operation enabled him to make suggestions to the working group. I consider him a senior scientist to bridge the gap between research and industry.

Kurt Kozanke
Director (retired), CIMOSA Association

By his active involvement in standardization bodies, he is bridging the gap between novel research ideas from the academic community and the practical applications needed by the industry. Also, he participates in international conferences and workshops in the domain of Enterprise Integration and Modelling Technology and has served as Program Committee member in most of them.

Hervé Panetto
Proffesor, Université de Lorraine

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