Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the methodology that describes the composition and the structure of any enterprise. Within the architecture, the person responsible for the grow will find a perfect tool to adjust the proper nut at the right time and with the correct torque.

The EA provides the roadmap to any process improvement project allowing the professionals to get the results in less time. The roadmap can describe by the following seven steps:

1. Identification of the purpose of the company.
2. Conceptualize the meaning of the company into their strategic definitions as the mission.
3. Requirements or modifications needed to get the desired outcome.
4. Design the adjustments or changes required like the business processes, technology tools, competencies, and so on.
5. Implement into the operation with the participation of the responsible.
6. Operate and control the performance using the KPIs.
7. Decommission old processes or processes that are not giving the expected result.

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