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We counsel our clients on their key strategic issues, leveraging our in-depth industry expertise, high knowledge in proven methodologies and using analytical rigor to help all they make informed decisions more quickly and solve their toughest and most critical business problems.

Founded in Mexico in 1994, we now operate in México and US since 2008. We start doing business in the US in 2008 with our office in Round Rock TX, then we moved to McKinney TX in 2014 and finally landed in Laredo TX. At this moment we continue doing business in Laredo TX.

We advise and support companies that are tired to work a lot with limited business results or less expected profits. Your results are guaranteed: why? Because we know what to do and know exactly where to do it. So, try us for FREE and get tangible money results.


Just contact us, and you are ready to start. We offer three different services for free: Resolve one process challenge, document one procedure, and we validate if your business is focusing in the right direction.

We help small and medium companies to get better tangible results by using leading-edge methodologies and more than 30 years of experience to have the same managerial competencies that big companies have.

We participate in different kind of industries for two fundamental reasons. The first one is because we work on the primary level of the business, and the second the particularities of the client’s business is provided by the client’s personnel.

Be in your offices is not always necessary because of the new communication technologies and our consulting methodology. But once in a while, a visit to your installation is more than necessary. With this approach, your company doesn’t have to incur in unnecessary travel expenses.

We deliver several types of results that focus on revenue, profits, service, and quality of products and services because we believe that any consultancy must have ROI with the minimum of 3 dollars for any dollar invested in us.

Through this, I highly recommend MeGoBS because it has a high level of competence, professionalism, and responsibility. They demonstrated capacity in the formation and development of our labor competencies.

Salvador Vatgas
Plant Director, COPAMEX CHH

During their participation, they demonstrated their capacity and orientation to the results, so I do not hesitate to recommend them to improve the performance of the processes and capitalize on the opportunities, as we have done.

Gerardo Cortes
CEO, Polimeros Opticos de Mexico

The involvement of Juan Carlos MENDEZ in the standardization work of ISO work on Enterprise Modeling and Architecture, his own experience in enterprise modeling, and his excellent knowledge of enterprise operation enabled him to make suggestions to the working group. I consider him a senior scientist to bridge the gap between research and industry.

Kurt Kozanke
Director (retired), CIMOSA Association


  • 3 Strategic keys for success (VFC)

    There is a lot of important secrets to be successful, but look like all have the right answer. We made a study and found out they shared three key success factor (VFC): The Value provided of the product and services, The Fidelity received from customers, and The Control had over company’s operations to maintain and improve previous two.

  • 7 steps to fast improve your business

    Continuous improving process in the business could take us to an uncertain path if we don´t know the road. The seven steps roadmap is a methodology to enhance the business results easy and fast following a guided way because It clarifies how the continuous improvement lifecycle should implement in your business processes.



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